Services and Solutions
Global Languages is the main provider of translation services and localization of documents and technology services and globalization in Southern Brazil. Companies from all over the world use our solutions to expand their businesses in the Americas, Europe and Asia. A leader in the Brazilian market, Global Languages was established to provide the best solutions for the use of languages in e-businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our mission is to bring to the market products that boast the highest quality in the world.
Cultural Consulting
If your aim is to conquer new markets, the cultural consultants from Global Languages will help you in assessing the name of your brand or product; develop creative concepts and marketing strategies to help you achieve success.
Electronic Media Editing
Our fonts library includes many languages, as Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Russian and Korean, and the respective applications to work with such fonts. We rely on the latest technological resources.

- We translate several languages, including sworn translations and documents localization. We can handle the following languages: German, Chinese, Danish, Slovak, Spanish, French, Dutch, English, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Swedish, Czech, Arab, Korean, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, Croat, and many others.

- When we start planning the execution of a project, procedures are established to be followed by all team members, and applicable to all languages involved. In addition, we provide guidelines for style, parameters for engineering and quality control standards, to ensure the consistency for all languages regarding tone, functionality and operation. The centralized project coordination allows us to make changes or corrections in all languages, in a fast and easy fashion.

- Why are we so confident in our abilities to undertake large projects with very short deadlines? And why such projects are rejected by other translation agencies? The answer is: we use the same strict process for all jobs, no matter the size is. We employ three specialists for each language: a translator, an editor and a reviewer. Next, three levels for quality control: project manager, specific language manager, and the account manager will ensure a faultless production.

Consecutive Interpretation
We provide all necessary resources and interpreters for several languages and knowledge areas, to help your global business.
Software and Web Pages Localization
When you want to go global, or localize your Website or application software, we are the best partner for your business. Our commitment, technical expertise and deep knowledge of the translation industry can make the difference. This is easy to know why. Our translators are native speakers in the target language, and they are accredited by international organizations. They received formal training, and they have a minimum of 5 years experience as professional translators. For each software localization project, we carefully select the translators based on their knowledge, language, expertise field and target audience. Once the translation is completed, our editor reviews the job, so as to ensure that it mirrors the original context. The reviewer assesses the quality once more, approving and delivering it to the project manager. We include the translation and the relevant changes to user interfaces, to the online help and to printed documentation, adapting the entire package to the local market. In addition, we also have tools for functionality testing, checking the consistency of the links and other navigational aspects.
We have talented speakers and professional presenters, who speak in the desired language. We maintain sustainable and lasting relationships with audio studios, and our technicians guarantee that the values linked to the opportunity and production will fully meet their objectives.
Marketing & Communication
When it comes to advertising and marketing, translation is not as easy as it seems. Ideas and concepts, terms that may not be appropriate, other ones that may not provide the intended within another cultural context, apart from expressions that may not even exist, or created.
Our team translates the material for publishing, from one language to the other, with the same ability and perfection that you will find in the best advertising & marketing agencies, adapting and translating your materials so as to keep their original style, spirit and message.
Our mission is to meet all clients´ needs and timelines, regardless of the volume and the deadline for delivery of a translation project. Our team of professional translators, carefully selected by area of specialization / subject and by language, are tested and evaluated on a periodical basis by our recruiting specialists. We ensure you that the translation to the target language preserves the original context. Our team of translators comes from different backgrounds and different academic backgrounds, such as Banking and Finance, Electricity, Electronics, Medicine, Chemistry, Mechanics, IT, Telecom, Management and Legal, as well as other fields. Our translators are native speakers in the target language, and they are accredited by international organizations. 
Our professionals receive formal training and they have at least 5 years experience in translation. They have also been approved in our tests, translating a document within their specialization areas, and being assessed by three senior members of our team. 
For each project, we carefully select the translators based upon their knowledge of the language, specialization field and target audience. Once the translation is completed, the editor reviews and refines it so as to ensure that it mirrors the original text not only in words, but mainly in terms of ideas. 
Our philosophy is not only to translate a text, but to create a new text to transmit to readers the same idea of the original language.
Sworn Translations
We have an exclusive team of sworn translators from different languages. We understand your time constraints, and we deliver the jobs via EXPRESS COURIER. The signature of the translator is always notarized, no matter where you are.
Simultaneous Translations
Qualified and seasoned professionals are ready to assist you with this type of services. We have an exclusive team for this service, traveling throughout the world to provide this sort of job. Apart from translators, we also have equipments for leasing.
Express Translations
A team of professionals will be always available during office hours to perform express translations of faxes, e-mails and commercial mail. If you experience any difficulty during your daily routine to handle other languages, feel free to contact us to provide you immediate support.
In-house Translations
Our company tests, assesses and prepares teams that will help you working side-by-side with you. We have established teams for translation, localization and editing, who may work at your place under services agreements and non-disclosure agreements, anywhere in the world.