Productions Proccess

Our team of translators are native speakers in the target language, and are accredited by international organizations. They received formal training in translations and they have at least 5 years experience in the translations field. . They have also been approved in our tests, translating a document within their specialization areas, and being assessed by three senior members of our team. For each project, we carefully select the translators based upon their knowledge of the language, specialization field and target audience. Once the translation is completed, the editor reviews and refines it so as to ensure that it mirrors the original text. Our philosophy is not only to translate a text, but to create a new one that will transmit to readers, in the output language, the same feeling that readers of the original language have had.

Quality Control

Our team of qualified and seasoned professionals comes from different backgrounds, and they are specialized in different areas, as Banking and Finance, Electricity, Electronics, Medicine, Chemistry, Mechanics, IT, Telecom, Management and Legal as well as other fields.

Project Management

A Project manager will work directly with you. That means every job is managed and coordinated from a single contact person. The Project manager is your link with Translations Center, keeping you regularly updated and solving issues and doubts.


Following an in-depth analysis, we create standard localization kits, including all files, glossaries, style guides, information about translation and detailed instructions. This kit is distributed to all translators involved with the project so that they can understand your needs and their responsibilities.

Faster Time-to-market

We are ready to handle heavy workloads in a quick manner, allowing your product to reach the markets in the shortest period of time. There is little room for mistakes or delays in the schedule - we can ensure that your order will be delivered on time, anywhere.

Simultaneous Launches

Under our simultaneous launch system, your product goes to market in several places at the same time. Our processes and strict schedules, allied with the pre-coordination amongst the translating teams ensure that the whole job is performed simultaneously.