Bullet train consortium group selects Central de Tradues

São Paulo, August 06, 2010 – Central de Traduções announced today that it was designated to do the English and Portuguese translations for one of the consortiums which takes part in the bidding for building the railroad for the bullet train in the stretch Rio <> São Paulo.

Over six million words will have been translated by the end of November. We are capacitated to deal quickly with large volumes of work,allowing your product to arrive where it has to go in the shortest time possible. There is little room for error or delay in the timescale – a problem frequently encountered when working with single-language vendors.

We have professionals selected using the highest criteria by area of specialization/subject and by language, rigorously and routinely tested and re-assessed by our specialists in recruitment. We ensure that the translation in the target language maintains the shades of meaning of the original text. 

For almost two decades,Central de Traduções has maintained its commitment to rendering translation services of the highest quality, for customers all over the world.

Note: Contracts of nondisclosure assumed with our customers do not allow customer names to be disclosed. Get in touch with us, and we will have the greatest pleasure in providing you with our updated list of customers, as well as a portfolio of recent work.