More Satisfied Customers

May 05, 2008 - Central de Traduções (CT) was given an approval rate of 97%, according to research carried out with customers last year. There were more than 4,000 requests fulfilled from companies and private individuals.  

When each project is delivered to our customers, we ask them to fill out a research questionnaire to point out their satisfaction level. This way, we can evaluate positive points and correct possible flaws. "Our team carries out a thorough analysis after the project has been accomplished, to evaluate what worked well and what didnt. We meet with the customer to analyze our performance and to learn from our experience", stated Nadicir Alves, CTs General Manager. According to her, this is part of our commitment with the constant improvement and the continuous evolution of our work and organizational processes.  

Established in 1992 in Joinville, SC, Brazil, CT is the largest translation company in the south of Brazil and a pioneer in the industry. The company is also being managed to become the leader in the Brazilian market, offering top-quality services to leading companies throughout the world.