CT Reaches out to the Asian Telecom Market

September 4, 2007 Telecom is unquestionably the most promising market in the world, especially in Asian countries. As a result, Central de Traduções is now committed to follow this ever-increasing market closer. Many Telecom companies already use our translation services for RFPs, contracts, users manuals, and merchandising material for the Brazilian market.  Recently an Indian Telecom company chose CT as the official supplier of translation services.  More than 60,000 words will be processed daily, involving around 10 production area professionals.
Our commitment, expertise and technical training gave us the necessary drive to make CT the best choice for translation services in the Telecom industry. 

Due to the confidential nature of our agreements, we are not allowed to bring the names of our clients publicly. Contact us to obtain more information about our company and clients. We are certain that our clients will be happy to recommend our services to you as well.