Central de Traduções localizes institutional DVD in 17 languages

Central de Traduções was recently elected by one of the world leading companies of consumer products as the certified Translator and Localizer of its institutional DVD to be distributed throughout Europe by the end of 2006.
We rely on a team of 36 professionals including translators and reviewers from translation process to proofreading, until the final deliverables are ready to go to the client. This has strengthened our relationship with vendors and customers, since this has proven that we are prepared to handle great volumes of work with quick turnaround, thus improving your time-to-market. There is not room for mistakes or delays this a common issue when you deal with single-language translation providers.

We have appointed a Project Manager to work with you. It means that our work is managed and coordinated from a single contact. Your Project Manager is your link with Central de Traduções, by keeping you always updated and solving all your issues and questions.

Due to the confidential nature of our agreements, we are not allowed to bring the names of our clients publicly. Contact us to obtain more information about our company and clients. We are certain that our clients will be happy to recommend our services to you as well.