CT expands services to the Telecom market

Telecom is the world fast growing market. And CT has never looked back to this business: we have been serving the major  clients suppliers of the Telecom industry since the beginning. Another highlight goes to the Telecom carriers (fixed and mobile) all over Brazil, and telephone carriers who are dedicated to corporate businesses in the mobile field.
Its technical expertise, its endless efforts and experience make the difference when negotiating with such clients. CT has a large team of translators and reviewers, who can produce over 60,000 words a day only in this field. Also, a dedicated business unit is trained from time to time to accomplish Telecom timelines.
"We are very proud of being elected by the largest carriers and global suppliers of the Telecom Industry as the main translation agency", said Henrique Trentini, CTs Commercial Assistant. "We help them to bring the best products to the market".
Due to the confidential nature of our agreements, we are not allowed to bring the names of our clients publicly. Contact us to obtain more information about our company and clients. We are certain that our clients will be happy to recommend our services to you as well.