Global Languages begins preferential contract with Asian automaker

February 2, 2011 - Contract signed in the auto industry sector spurs sales of the Global Languages group in 2011.  Activity in the sector should represent 20% of sales.

The group began 2011 as preferential supplier for an Asian automaker through a new service contract by which all the departments that use the translation services will request them directly from the commercial department of Global Languages in São Paulo. Four factories and more than 20 sectors responsible for contracting directly request the services without passing through the bureaucratic processes involving the purchasing department.

A history of six years of quality, speed and highly competitive prices with this automaker led to Global Languages being selected as the main supplier of translation services. It is estimated that the initial contract will involve 5 million words through a period of 18 months.  More than 300 thousand words are already in production involving the areas of parts replacement, consumer manuals, contracts and production procedures that are to be applied in manufacture of the models produced in Latin America.