We rely on a team of qualified and seasoned professionals from different backgrounds who specialize in several languages;

 Since we have a lean structure, our products are excellent in terms of costs efficiency, which is compatible with the demands from our clients;

 Our translators are carefully selected, receive periodical training and are highly motivated persons working in a very pleasant environment;

 Strict quality control and technical assessment for all steps of the translation and localization process;

 Cutting-edge technology, ensuring that the timelines o four clients are always met;

 We translate several languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Arab, Czech, Dutch, Chinese, Italian, Norwich, Finnish and others;

 We keep the information entrusted to us confidential. All information and documents from the clients are kept under strict secrecy. Hardcopies are destroyed after the completion of the job. Electronic media is kept in our production servers in an encrypted database;

 We work with the major translation management software and we are able to handle basically all forms of electronic media available;