Mission and Values

Our work is based on excellence and responsibility towards our clients and partners;

 Trust - Establishing a partnership-like relationship with clients and suppliers, so that our efforts can be combined to accomplish our mission;

 Confidentiality - Ensuring full secrecy of the information that is entrusted to us by our clients;

 Efficiency - Maximizing time and resources, so as to always offer fast services, timely and with quality;

 Expertise - Working with drive and dedication to constantly improve and overcome obstacles;  

The principles to which Global Languages is loyal through the years are the key to the leadership in our field:

 State-of-the-art: our company uses the latest hardware and software technologies;

 Cost effective solutions - Keeping our operations lean, speeding up the services flow, minimizing costs and sharing the benefits of such actions with our clients;

 On-going Learning - Monitoring the changes of the market, offering constant training and updating to our staff;


Even after the job is completed, our team of managers will perform an after-sale assessment of your project, to check what has worked well and what did not. This is part of our commitment with constant improvements, and with the continuous development of our working process and of our organization.